Commercial Office space For Rent

Home Or Office?

With remote working becoming more and more common, people are turning their dining rooms, spare rooms and even kitchens into offices. But getting the work-life balance right in today’s world means being able to have specific boundaries and spaces where work can be left behind and ended for the day. Cape Town is fast becoming the city of choice to live and work in, which makes office space to rent Cape town in high demand.

Office space for Rent in Cape Town

The pandemic has illustrated that human connection is highly important, for productivity and for mental wellness. That’s why it’s so important to have office space in Cape Town that enables staff to connect in-person and be able to separate home and work life. Of course, the modern office needs to be agile, with the option of hot-desking and stations for meetings and staff wellness. People seeking office space for rent in Cape Town look for spaces that can suit different configurations and sizes, with additional amenities that enable them to either have a full staff in place, or a skeleton staff, depending on the needs of the day.

But, with people being used to forgoing traffic to get to their desks, accessibility is also key – One Thibault is situated in the heart of Cape Town, with easy access in and out of the city, close to all major road arteries.

Commercial property to rent in Cape Town

Once again, due to the pandemic, people have also changed their shopping habits by doing more online than ever before. But, nothing can quite compare to a bricks and mortar store or commercial space that allows patrons to touch and feel products on offer, as well as speak directly to a person about their needs.

Once again, it’s the human contact that people crave, as well as the need to get out and about. As the country begins to open up more and more, people will once again want to spend their days outside of home. But, there’s a caveat – people want spaces that are conveniently located and easy to access. One Thibault has become one of the most sought-after commercial property to rent in Cape Town because of its intelligent design and perfect location in the heart of the Mother City. Just a quick walk to the CITCC and with a MyCity bus route right on the door step, it’s also an integral part of the vibrancy of the city, easily bringing feet through the door.