Studio Apartments for Sale

Why not live, work and play all in one place? One Thibault offers masterfully designed studio apartments for sale in Cape Town geared towards the future of Urban Living.

The unbeatable Cape Town studio apartments for sale utilize the upper levels of an exquisite heritage building, ensuring owners and residents have the best of everything the development has to offer. The lower levels offer commercial offices, including an industry-leading co-working space.

With a dedicated residential lobby to assist owners and guests and a concierge and security team on staff 24-hours a day, these studio apartments for sale in Cape Town will ensure your comfort and safety.

There’s no need to search any further for that studio apartment Cape Town for sale; One Thibault has everything you need and so much more. Invest in a piece of history, redesigned with everything you need to leave a rich legacy behind. Simply put, nothing compares!