Commercial Office Space Re-imagined


Nine to five simply doesn’t exist anymore, which speaks to the vibrancy of the new world of work, with adaptable spaces that respond to today’s needs.

One Thibault is an iconic city centre building that has been masterfully re-imagined by Vivid Architects into a highly relevant multi-use development encompassing big city life and work. Open spaces, natural light and attention to detail define the One Thibault commercial spaces, over and above the sheer convenience of its exceptional location.

Tomorrow’s Design
for Today’s World

Commercial tenants enjoy exceptional adaptability and convenience with surprising amenities that respond to today’s workforce.

Unlike most commercial spaces, One Thibault understands that the needs of today’s workforce have changed, as have the way in which people engage. With amenities like a pool deck and cocktail bar, co-working and networking spaces, an on-site restaurant, additional storage, concierge services and even secure bicycle storage, the level of detail that has gone into the planning and design of One Thibault is unsurpassed.


With 8000m2 of space, there’s little you can’t do and create.

The commercial floors of the iconic One Thibault mixed use building are highly adaptable to tenants needs, with interior design and fit-out to tenant specifications. The landlord can conduct a space planning process to ensure that the required space is optimised. The tenant is provided with a generous fit-out budget and has the option to facilitate the fit-out themselves or brief the landlord to manage the process on their behalf. Office furniture can be provided by the landlord to purchase or rent for the duration of the lease.

Vacancy Schedule

1st Floor – 1000m2
2nd Floor – 117m2, 235m2, 650m2
3rd Floor – 241m2, 295m2
4th Floor – 250m2, 1000m2
5th Floor – 1000m2
6th Floor – 1000m2
7th Floor – 1000m2
8th Floor – 1000m2
10th Floor – 108m2, 226m2, 315m2, 77m2, 38m2
12th Floor – 1000m2

–   Larger Floors are sub divisible
–   Multiple floors can be connected to accommodate larger tenants.

key features

  • Concierge services
  • Roof top swimming pool and cocktail bar
  • On-site restaurant
  • Back-up diesel generator on Site
  • Central air conditioning controllable per floor
  • Co-working and extra meeting room space
  • 24 hour manned security and CCTV monitoring
  • 1 disabled Toilet facility per floor
  • LED (energy saving) light fittings throughout
  • Building broadband and fibre compatible
  • Networking and function space
  • Secure bicycle storage
  • On site Storage facilities
  • Laundry facilities